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being flabulous with Chub Love


Everyday is a chance to be brave (however that looks) and embrace you as you are now! Stop putting off living for the person you should be and live in the now! 

 We double dare you to take a step or twelve out of your comfort zone and just dare to take up space, be the loudest brightest star in the room or the atmosphere! Being fat is wonderful. Being fluffy is flabulous! Being round is robust! We want your to flaunt those curves for days, for days and days!

Being fat and loving it isn't something we achieve everyday but we wake up every morning determined to try! And we want to show you how!

We are the laid back, loving Queer Aunties here to help you find the magic in your self! If your mojo is missing, let's go find it! 

Come join us and take a HUGE bite out of life! It's scary but it's also a lot of fun

We give you permission to play and find passion and joy for the first time or discover it all over again!

 You Can TOO!
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