How Dare We?

Daning fairy chub love 

How very dare we? This is a question we get asked in so many ways all the time. It's a question that can often stop us from seeking pleasure or living our boldest bestest lives. 

As a kid I was bullied daily simply for existing, being a fat kid in the 80's was rough! Being a fat kid in ballet 4 days a week was even rougher! Kids can be mean. Ballet teachers are often hungry and mean. Hangry teachers can really take it out of kid! Tough love feels terrible in a world that's determined to be tough on you!

As I grew older I finally learned about my body and how much I enjoyed movement! I also looked back at that pudgy kid in a tutu and I finally gave myself permission to love my belly peeking out over top of my waistband!

I was adorable and not the ugly duckling people around me kept making me out to be!

As I grew up I discovered my pleasure seeking tendencies brought me just that, pleasure! Instead of denying myself and trying to make myself smaller I decided to give myself permission to exist in the body I was in. To love who and how I wanted. To enjoy my life even if it looked chaotic to everyone else. To stop the bully in my head from talking me down into unhealthy places and making me small even though the actual bullies were gone from my life.

Sookie and I, we live boldly! We take little risks which allow us to grow in small ways until we're feeling brave enough to take those even bigger risks and even all those little risks add up to living in a way that makes us feel good and loved by the most important person, ourselves!

Come join us! We're here to help you silence your inner critic, live everyday with a little (or a lot) of pleasure and find your joy however that looks. Life is full of magic if you know where to look for it! 


The LadyBears

Sookie & Jen