Who is Jen?

Jen (she/her) has been giving strangers fashion advice ever since she was 4 and her Mom took her to a store with a shared dressing room mirror. She has been sharing her aesthetic and advice ever since. She believes that fashion like life is inherently political.

Strangers talk to her in public places because she just has one of those faces and her hair full is of secrets.

Jen is a yenta and has been connecting people for a very long time. She loves love and friendship and strongly believes that everyone is capable of giving and sharing love in all kinds of different forms. She practices radical friendship and treats her friends like they were her partners. Because it ultimately takes a village to care for everyone.

She loves to talk sex and sex toys and figuring out pleasure. She is fascinated by hedonism and helping folks to live their best lives without their inner troll getting a word in edge-wise.

tl;dr Pleasure, fatshion, food, love, social justice this is what Jen is made of!