Who Is Sookie?

Sookie Bardwell (she/her/hers + they/them/theirs) is passionately committed to the work of helping people be better together. She is a white settler invested in the work of decolonization and racial justice. She is also a fat, queer, genderqueer femme living with invisible disability. Her work is informed by all of these ways in which she moves through the world.

Sookie is an OCT certified teacher, has been trained as a sex and relational health educator through Opt BC, and is currently completing her MA in Gender Studies and Feminist Research at McMaster University. She has been involved in social change/justice work for over fifteen years, and has extensive experience as an educator, trainer, and facilitator- with a focus on LGBTQ+ equity and inclusion, body-positivity, emotional competency, relational skills, and sexual health. She believes everyone deserves to be treated like a person, and that everyone deserves access to- and has the capacity to develop- the knowledge and skills needed to encounter difference with compassion, kindness and genuine curiosity.

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