How we came to be

About seven years ago from across the room I spotted a magical fat femme in the perfect dress swaying to the music at Queer Slow Dance. I got up my courage to ask them to dance and we’ve been best femmes ever since!
Best femmes share everything and we’ve had a lot of wonderful on-going conversations about bodies, love, gender rolls, smashing the patriarchy, food, coping in a world that is hard on fat people, fatshion, cute babes, movement, sexy times, and how to lift up fat folks and share our joie de vivre.
Out of these many talks, Chub Love was born.
I think of myself as a yenta or someone who is born to connect people for love or sex or having a great time, whatever that looks like to both people! Sookie is a water witchy femme with a background in coaching, workshops, and sexual health. We both have a lots of amazing fat people in our lives that we’re lucky to know and spend time with.
We’ve given out hours of advice, hugs, and recommendations on everything from fatshion to how to talk to your doctor about your health, to love and now we want to share that with the world.
Whether you think of yourself as fluffy, chunky, plus sized, more to adore, bear-like, chubby, well padded, fat, built for comfort not for speed, or plus sized we’re here to offer YOU the tools to reach for what you want while learning how to do it in the body you have. We’re the queer cheerleaders you didn’t know you needed. We’re the loving aunts who will help you to explore and discover sex and sensuality, how to love yourself, and how to take up the space you need!
If this sounds like something you’ve been hungry for, please get in touch! We’re here and we’re listening!
The Lady Bears Who Love you!
Sookie and Jen
Sookie Bardwell and Jennifer DePoe Lady Bears Love You Chub Love