Workshops with the LadyBears

The LadyBears at

Want the LadyBears to come chat with your team about harm reduction for fat patients in medical settings? We can do that! Do you have a room of LGBT+ teens with questions? We can help with that too!

We offer a wide range of workshops for various age ranges including the following topics:

  • Harm Reduction for Medical Practitioners with Fat Patients.
  • Be Your Own Advocate: How to Speak up for Yourself Even When the Stakes Are High!
  • Sexy Times for Fat Folks
  • Sexytimes for LGBTQIA+ Folks
  • Fat Hacks; Making Clothes Work for Fat Bodies
  • All Bodies Are Good Bodies! Body Positivity for Youth/Young Adults
  • Polyamory for Folks Experiencing Multiple/Intersecting Oppressions 
  • Fat, Awesome and Queer (Do You Have Questions?)

We are also happy to work with you to create a dream workshop. Please get in touch for more information. All workshops can be given in person or remotely.